Nowhere Man

"Nowhere Man, don't worry 
Take your time, don't hurry
The world is at your command." ~ The Beatles

Think of the advantages of anonymity.

In this age of fame-seeking narcissism. everyone wants their fifteen minutes.  Ask your random millennial what…

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I Burn - (Track 6 of Seven Women)

I wrote this - my sixth cut on 'Seven' - many, many years ago.  It's been so long that my original concept has sort of morphed into more of paternal thing.  Succinctly…Read more

Just A Put-On

"Drinks flow -- people forget.  The big wheel spins -- the hair thins -- people forget.
The news slows -- people forget. The shares crash, hopes are dashed -- people forget.
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"Leave your stepping stones behind now someone calls to you. Forget the dead you've left. They will not follow you.  This vagabond who's rapping at your door is standing in the clothes that you once wore." ~ Bob Dylan

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Knife's Edge

I'll Survive (Track #5 of Seven Women)

I've always been a very careful person. . .unwilling to expose myself to situations over which I cannot employ a measure of control. Commitment to intimate relationships always involves a certain amount of…Read more

Let's . . .ssssway

"Other dancers may be on the floor, but my eyes see only you.  Only you have that subtle technique, when we dance I grow weak . . .." Sway ~ Dean Martin.

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Of Mice and Men

Might Have Had It Coming (Track #4 of Seven Women)

I start this piece with a quote from "To A Mouse" by Gaelic poet Robert Burns.  The poem really doesn't have anything to do with the song, I just…Read more

Younger Men are Driven

"Do I move you, are you willing? 
         Do I groove you, is it thrilling? 

Tell the truth now, are you loose now
         Do I move you?" 
~ Nina Simone

Halfway through the second set.  Three tables in the room. Conversations…

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I'm gonna ask for your . . .

Indulgence. (Track #2 from Seven Women

Oh, hell.  This is the ultimate "come on" line . . .stretched way out.  Who hasn't seen this scenario? 

She's hot.  She's not young.  Her mind is sharp and she can take you…Read more

You Can Bust Your Ass and Still Be Lazy

"I cheated myself like I knew I would.
                    I told you I was trouble . . .
you know that I'm no good." - Amy Winehouse 

Yes. I cheated myself for many years. I devoted my efforts to…

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