Of Mice and Men

Might Have Had It Coming (Track #4 of Seven Women)

I start this piece with a quote from "To A Mouse" by Gaelic poet Robert Burns.  The poem really doesn't have anything to do with the song, I just have always liked the 'of mice and men' line.  Ah, the blessings bestowed upon the fortunate few.

Again, I expand on the theme of a man who, as he ages, begins to question the wisdom of a well-lived life.  

Is the winner really the one who dies with the most toys?
Who is a winner?
What is  won?
What is the value of a scattered, shiny mess?

Narcissism, greed, impatience: These are absent in the smiling, wrinkled faces of wisdom.  Remember . . .the hand of Grace is ever-poised to slap your face.  

Just as a side: Breaking these songs down is a little, well . . .awkward.  I really don't like talking about my work. I just lay it out there and let the cards fall where they may. But ultimately my dissection is ~~ therapeutic.  Again, please consider these my daughters with an open heart.