Just A Put-On

"Drinks flow -- people forget.  The big wheel spins -- the hair thins -- people forget.
The news slows -- people forget. The shares crash, hopes are dashed -- people forget.
Forget that they are hiding. It's an eminence front -- a put-on." ~ Pink Floyd

Eminence - I think Pink Floyd has given eminence a bad rap here. I for one aspire to a certain degree of eminence. I aspire to have "recognized superiority in a particular sphere." This is a driving force for most artists. Art for art sake? Maybe - but I want to share my talent, exhibit my work before an appreciative audience - acquire distinction - notability - prestige. Oops - is this the slippery slope to narcissism? Oh, the dualities!  Oh the dichotomy! Will I soon be buying things that I don't need with money that I don't have to impress people I don't like? I think not. 

Legacies cannot be purchased. They must be earned - and even then . . .eventually . . . people forget.