I Gotta Do The Way My Daddy Did

A handful of songs on my highly acclaimed record, "Seven Women," (my dear friends like it . . .and no one has pointed disliked it) were written as poetry many years ago. They have morphed as my music has congealed.  Let's take the first cut, "Making a Living," for example: 
"Gotta make a living, gotta feed these kids
Gotta put it all behind me now,
I gotta do the way my daddy did."
This speaks to the character of my father.  The tagline, "She asked me why . . .I went on and told her"  and lines. "Every man's gotta limit" and "Goin' to keep it real simple"  suggest a young man's angst ~ temptation, lurid desire, frustration and a wandering eye. These subjects inspire many young men and are often acted upon recklessly.  The protagonist steps back from this - reluctantly - and resigns himself to 'man up' as it were.

Just an observation. Any similarity with real life events is purely accidental.  Translation: I didn't do any of this shit.