You Can Bust Your Ass and Still Be Lazy

"I cheated myself like I knew I would.
                    I told you I was trouble . . .
you kno
w that I'm no good." - Amy Winehouse 

Yes. I cheated myself for many years. I devoted my efforts to the things I thought were important. I knew in my heart that total libration had more to do with letting go of things than acquiring them. 

We all make choices Lassitude reveals itself in many ways. You can bust your ass and still be lazy. 

Amy took a look at herself in the mirror to see who she really was.  She was brutally honest within the realm of her lyrics - within her music world.   But she was tortured with who she perceived herself as being in her daily life..  

God give us the strength to be honest with our entire selves. The alternative is a highway to hell.