"John Carl Escue's music is a snake-like river of rhythm. . ." ~ Gary Laney, Grammy Award winning music producer 

As a semi-finalist at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, he impressed audiences with his original work and eclectic interpretations of noted Blues standards.. But John Carl's music cannot be contained to one genre. His unique sound and delivery prompts few, if any, comparisons. Now residing in the Sea Isle community of Galveston, Texas, John Carl is retired and is expanding his musical perlieus accompanied by his muse, Angela K Escue..

The release of his debut CD, 'Seven Women,' has sparked an impressive response from fans and critics alike. His attack is three pronged ~ poignant lyrics, dynamic and strong vocals, and a wildly unique rhythmic guitar technique that renders a percussion track superfluous. Beyond these, his strong sense of melody exhibits itself in the writing and the arrangement of the unexpected, flowing violin contributions by Tyree Johnson, that lend themselves perfectly to the album's subtle melancholia.  

Concerning future plans, John Carl will continue creating his music, and making his mark in Galveston and the Bay Area with his wife  - both on and off the stage.

"So tell me once again about the best laid plans, the plan of mice and men/And take that real slow, I just want to let that sink in/And I ain't gonna lie about the reasons why I'm in the shape I'm in/ 'Cause I'm the kinda guy who's gonna take it on the chin/ but then ~~~ I mighta had it coming." ~ John Carl Escue




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